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Q1. How long is the validity of an ETA Visa?

The ETA Visa is valid for 12 months, but if the validity of applicant’s passport is less than 12 months the expiry date of the passport will be considered.

Q2. What is my ETA Visa Government Reference Number?

The ETA Visa which has been processed by us as travel agent does not have Government Reference Number. That number will be provided to you only if you apply through Australian Government Channels.

Q3. Do I still require to verify my ETA Visa Approval before departure to Australia?

As an authorized travel agent, we register your information with Australian immigration border you are not required to do any further verification. Even you are not required to show any proof of visa approval to Immigration upon your arrival to Australia, once they scan your passport, they will be able to view your registered data in their system.

Q4. Is there any difference between ETA Visa which is immediately approved and the one which is approved after pending period?

Please be informed that not all the ETA visa application will be approved immediately, in some cases the application requires 12 hours’ review time by Australian Immigration Border and therefore the appearance of an ETA Visa Approval report for such a pending application is slightly different to the one which is immediately approved but eventually the result is same and the applicant can have 100% assurance for the credibility of the ETA Visa Approval.

Q5. Could I apply new ETA Visa to Extend my stay in Australia?

No, the you can not apply for an ETA Visa while you are still in Australia and consequently, the permitted stay of 90 days can not be extended. Therefore, you are required to exit on or before the permitted 90 days stay in Australia.

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